Very thankful!

We are so thankful for all of our sponsors. So many of our young people have now grown up finished university, and now living a much better life. Thank you to the many people who have partnered with project Kenya, you have most certainly helped The children of Africa. May God bless you all

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Back to Kenya

Count down to returning to Kenya. Only a few days remain here in the states. Looking forward to time with the young people before they return to school. It is always such a blessing to see how they have grown physically and spiritually. Counting the days. …….. 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇮🇩

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Bible Camp 2016

The dates have been set for Bible Camp 2016. We look forward to another week of sharing Gods love with our sponsor children. We love to host teams coming to help during this week of Worship, Bible teaching, and fun.

August 18 – 28 2016 are the days set for Bible Camp Team 2016

The children always ask

is my sponsor coming

…….. They love to meet you in person.

Can you imagine living every day as a child wondering if anyone cares for you? So many of these young people have little hope in their lives. They are so encouraged when someone sponsors them. It provides not only physical needs through education, it provides emotional healing, knowing that someone cares. Over time as we share the love of Jesus with them and their families, they come to realize they have great hope in Jesus Christ.

On this team you will be working alongside Project Kenya’s children’s ministry. This will be a week of children’s Bible Camp. We are looking for camp Bible story tellers, youth worship leaders, drama team leaders, technical crew (video set-up, running sound equipment, skilled at taking photos and video), leaders in outdoor games. Most of all we need people with a ministry heart willing to give themselves away, in service to reach others for the Kingdom. Loving on these young people will be a blessing to you!

We would love to have you join the next short term team in August! Pray, pray, pray, you will know where God is leading you.

Go to the web-site, tab, short term teams. Fill out the form. We will contact you with trip details.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Teri crane-Hudson
Director, Project Kenya International

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Kenya 2016

Hello prayer warriors,

2015 as flown by. I’m very happy to report our new website is up and running. Domanic spent many hours this summer getting this updated for us, is now at Johnson Bible college. Thank you Domanic for all your hard work! You are a blessing!

Tim and I return to Kenya soon. We will start to work the moment we arrive in Nyeri Town. bible studies, school fees, reaching out to the lost and hurting that surround the project Kenya office. Bible camp this year is planned to focus on the unique challenges our young people face every day. We have planed a intense study on what it means to be a Christian. What does God’s word teach us about being different, being living examples to other people we meet.

There are so many challenges pulling our young people to the streets, sponsorship has given them a education and chance for a better future. But many of these kids have no one to show them love and support at home. This leads to bad friends, wrong choices, things that call them back to the slum life they have broke away from. We are praying for a powerful Bible camp that will not only teach skills of how to look to God for support, but to be mentors for other young people. We have planed two nights of worship during camp, praying that the Holy Spirit will speak to many of their hearts during this time of worshiping God & hearing the message of His saving grace. Please be praying for this powerful week in their lives. Aug. 2016

I am happy to report the new Project Kenya Bible book and coffee shop is doing great. Three Bible studies are now meeting there each week. Tim and I plan to carry as many Christian books and videos the airline will allow.

We love you all dearly and covet your prayers!

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Link to video….. Enjoy

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Wonderful lessons about Jesus, great time with friends.
A picture says a thousand words!



Thank you so very much for helping to support Bible camp your prayers were heard. We ended camp this year down at the river. The greatest joy we could receive was baptizing the young people who had made a decision to follow Jesus. These young people have been attending Project Kenya Bible camp for several years, we have watched them grow up so fast. No greater joy could be found – leading them to our savior, and baptizing them into a new life in Christ.

To God be the glory for all He has done, in the lives of these young people.

Teri Crane-Hudson

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Greetings from beautiful Kenya

Greetings from beautiful Kenya,

The motorcycle community is a lost people group  in Kenya. They use their motorcycles as taxi’s to provide for their families. Most people fear building relationships with this people group as many come from dangerous back grounds. We would love to reach out to this group by providing motorcycle safety courses. We look forward to sharing more in the near future about all the plans God has for us as we launch out into new territory. May God be Glorified in all we plan and do to grow His Kingdom. Please be in prayer as we seek God, and plan ways of reaching more people for Jesus Christ.


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Bessings in Kenya


Praise God! for your prayers and support.
It feels like September just flew by. The first two weeks we spent in Nanyuki town teaching national leaders the CHE (Community Health Evangelism & Education)  principals. The leaders came for training from various communities through-out the central region.
We arrived in Nairobi on Sunday evening. We were met at the airport by smiling faces of good friends, Peter Wanjohi & Ngari. After many hugs and catching up on news, everything was loaded in the van and we headed to Park Lands.  Getting up early Monday morning we stopped for supplies before traveling the three hour journey to begin training. We arrived in Nanyuki Town to 16 leaders waiting our arrival and ready to begin training. We worked late that night. It was funny to watch the faces of people as they began the different approach to learning. You see, CHE does not teach in a lecture style setting. Everyone must participate in the learning activities. At first this was a very strange teaching method to the participants. They were very confused when we came in and removed all tables from in front of the chairs. After two days everyone became excited about this new idea of involving every member of society in the process of solving everyday problems. What I absolutely love about CHE teaching is all lessons are taught directly from the Bible. Did you know Deuteronomy 23 teaches us how and why to build latrines? There is a reason the Bible is called the book of life, all lessons in life are found there. The first week ended with everyone united and prayer for each community represented.
The first full Sunday we were able to worship with the new church in Nanyuki town. What a blessing to see God’s people reaching out to the community. This church is lead by Pastor Elijah Wachirah, part of  Bethany Ministry team. That afternoon we were able to drive out to the new church in Thome. All I can say is WOW, what a blessing!   Through Project Kenya using the CHE principals we seek donors to fund businesses that give back a portion of the profits to support the local ministry projects. It was a pleasure to visit these two new churches and witness first hand the fruits of your sacrifice in giving. Your seeds are growing, I can only imagine a bountiful harvest. The only heartbreaking part of our day was passing over many dry water beds. The dust was unbelievable! I just can’t imagine living daily without access to clean water. No option, No water…….  
The second week of training began with 22 new students. The look of confusion was the same when we started the training, removing tables and including everyone in discussion. This is a very new vision for Africa, they are used to people coming in and telling them how to solve all their problems. The CHE model teaches how to look at issues and find solutions themselves. It was a powerful week! Some leaders by day two were saying “CHE has the potential to change many problems through-out Africa”. By day four they were discussing strategies to engage their communities, and begin projects. It is the prayer of Project Kenya to help with funding for the local business that support Ministry projects. This is a great way for Kenyan Ministries to become independent from outside funding. Through Project Kenya,  using the CHE principals we seek donors to fund businesses that give back a portion of the profits to support the local ministry projects.
My third Sunday in Kenya was exciting as we all walked to the river after church for baptism. Pastor Peter Wanjohi Kamau of the Nyeri Church was eager to enter the water and baptize the new belivers. As I witnessed the new believers during the baptism I felt great compassion for their lives and commitment to follow Christ. I am not sure Americans would have been so eager to get in the cold dirty water, where families were washing clothes up stream. It gave me a new perspective on how Christ can wash us clean. There was a great deal of celebration with each life commitment, and my heart was tremendously effected and blessed by all of it.
 River Baptism
After the CHE training was complete I was able to meet with the child sponsorship committees. We had a great day of debriefing from the April Bible Camp. The committees reported back on the great impact this had upon the children. They reported that the children have gone back and taught other children in their communities what they learned. The Kenyan leadership team praised the joy of working together with the American team. They said they learned so very much from the style of teaching presented to them. They all laughed when we discussed time and scheduling issues. They voted to collect all the watches from the American team when they arrive, because everyone knows in Kenya time is not an issue. It was a great meeting, with everyone praising God for the results of the Camp! The meeting ended with excitement as we planned for next April and the special things God has planned for next year.
I was able to visit with many of the sponsor kids, and see first hand how your influence has helped their lives. It is a blessing to see the improvements God has provided them. At one home we celebrated as we turned on the water spout which provided water to the small homes. These kids were drinking river water before the sponsorship money helped to pipe water in. Praise God, for seeing their need and providing for them.  On Saturday I was able to attend the Bible classes at the Nyeri church for the children whose families come for food. Every Saturday food is distributed. It is always exciting to be with the kids, they are so special, we laughed, played, ate sweets, and talked about Jesus.  
I can’t even count the many Blessings God brought my way in Kenya. If I were to write them all, you would be reading all day and night. So let me end this entry with my heartfelt Thanks, to all of you who commit to supporting this ministry. May God abundantly Bless you beyond anything you could ever imagine!

I love you all,
P.O. BOX 5896


Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue
but with actions and in truth. 1st John 3:18



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Kenya in September

As I get off the plane on Sunday I will look around, take a deep breath and say “it’s good to be home”.  Isn’t it strange the way God works in our lives? There was once a day when I said I would never desire to visit Africa.  Now it feels like home to me. When God calls you to something His wonderful Grace is always surrounding your every step. It is not common that I should feel so at home in this far away land, with so many differences, awkward to my everyday customs.  In most situations my body would be complaniing for the comforts it  has grown to enjoy.  But some how the moment I step off that plane His perfect Grace abounds.  I am met at the gate by wonderful christian brothers and sisters who have become my Kenyan family. When I see their faces I am filled with joy and I relize that Christ’s church is alive and well through-out our world.   Heaven will be such a grand worship service, I just can only imagine.  His church finallly together, never to be seperated again. Praise His Name!  WOW!

We are looking forward to the CHE training. This is such a wonderful tool  provided through Lifewind international. Nancy and I completed the training last year. We are very excited as we work to facilitate the training in Central Kenya. This training teaches communities how to create change within their villages following God’s word as their guide. Even though many physical needs projects are birthed through the program, the Bible is always the central instruction. Did you know that in Deuteronomy God teaches us how to build a proper latrine?  Even the most simple needs in our lives can be taught from God’s word.  Many lives have come to the saving knowledge of Christ through community health education.

I am excited to watch our National partners lead their CHE communities out of poverty and dispair. Through Christ All things are possible!

I appreciate your prayers as we travel and serve in Kenya. Please be in prayer for our Brothers and Sisters in Kenya who serve others daily. Remembering also the National Leadership teams that will be traveling with us. These leadership teams spend many hours in prayer and preparation for these trainings.

Joy in His journey,

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Kenya Updates

Hello Prayer warriors,

It is hard to believe that the summer of 2009 is coming to a close. Children are beginning to return to school and the patterns of tight schedules are back on track. I have been very blessed to share in VBS with some of you this Summer. I love the opportunity to speak to the kids, and tell them about missionary work. It was exciting to watch the kids at Park Chapel church make their stuffed turtles, and writing notes to share with the kids in Kenya. The kids in Kenya love to receive messages from children here. It is an exciting day when they read the notes and think about the child who wrote it just for them. Thank you to all who invited me to share in VBS this summer, It was such a blessing!

Kenya is still experiencing extreme drought. This has caused the price of food to escalate and created shortages through-out the land. We appreciate your help in feeding the children and families caught up in this horrible situation. Please be in prayer for rain to return to Kenya.

Over the past year God has spoken to our hearts to help empower the National Churches to be more self supporting through the micro-enterprise business projects. Each business gives a % to support the ministry projects in their local area. We are working to bridge the gap by equipping the indigenous churches with business skills suitable to their needs, skills they can use and maintain with minimal outside support. Thank you, to those of you who have partnered with us in start up costs for these business projects. We will keep you up to date on their progress. Our prayer is that many more partners will develop and this program will continue to grow even more.

We have scheduled two weeks in September for CHE (Community Health Evangelism & Education). The first week will be held in Karatina for the Nyeri Ministry team, and the second week will be held in Nanyuki town for the Bethany Ministry team. We are planning for at least fifty National leaders to attend these training sessions. During these two weeks the National teams will be taught skills to be trainers in their local communities. The CHE model of equiping leaders has proven very effective in other areas, and led many people to Christ. The CHE style of teaching is Participatory Training – Adults learn best when they are asked to tell us what they know, and then build on that knowledge to solve real problems they face. CHE aims to develop mature Christian leaders who are essential to both church growth and church planting. We are excited as we plan for this training and appreciate your prayers. We also appreciate your gifts that help in the funding for this training.

Thank you for your heart of compassion for your brothers and sisters in Africa. May God continue to bless each one of you for your sacrificial gifts and prayers.

May God be with us, As we journey forward in His ministry in Kenya.
I love and appreciate you all,

P.O. BOX 5896

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