Kenya in September

As I get off the plane on Sunday I will look around, take a deep breath and say “it’s good to be home”.  Isn’t it strange the way God works in our lives? There was once a day when I said I would never desire to visit Africa.  Now it feels like home to me. When God calls you to something His wonderful Grace is always surrounding your every step. It is not common that I should feel so at home in this far away land, with so many differences, awkward to my everyday customs.  In most situations my body would be complaniing for the comforts it  has grown to enjoy.  But some how the moment I step off that plane His perfect Grace abounds.  I am met at the gate by wonderful christian brothers and sisters who have become my Kenyan family. When I see their faces I am filled with joy and I relize that Christ’s church is alive and well through-out our world.   Heaven will be such a grand worship service, I just can only imagine.  His church finallly together, never to be seperated again. Praise His Name!  WOW!

We are looking forward to the CHE training. This is such a wonderful tool  provided through Lifewind international. Nancy and I completed the training last year. We are very excited as we work to facilitate the training in Central Kenya. This training teaches communities how to create change within their villages following God’s word as their guide. Even though many physical needs projects are birthed through the program, the Bible is always the central instruction. Did you know that in Deuteronomy God teaches us how to build a proper latrine?  Even the most simple needs in our lives can be taught from God’s word.  Many lives have come to the saving knowledge of Christ through community health education.

I am excited to watch our National partners lead their CHE communities out of poverty and dispair. Through Christ All things are possible!

I appreciate your prayers as we travel and serve in Kenya. Please be in prayer for our Brothers and Sisters in Kenya who serve others daily. Remembering also the National Leadership teams that will be traveling with us. These leadership teams spend many hours in prayer and preparation for these trainings.

Joy in His journey,

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